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Your Initial Chiropractic Visit

At LIFE Chiropractic Centers, our evaluation and management of your care is geared toward reducing your pain, increasing your function and improving your overall health with a focus on finding and correcting subluxation. Subluxation is the slight misalignment of the vertebrae. Misalignment of the vertebrae causes pressure on our nerves, which can then cause pain and a variety of other symptoms. The procedures in our centers are specifically designed with your spine and nervous system health in mind. During your initial visit at our office, we will complete a thorough review of your personal health history, a clinical evaluation and X-rays, if clinically warranted. Your evaluation will include checking your vital signs and an orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic examination. The chiropractic examination consists of the doctor palpating your spine by hand. This allows the doctor to determine spinal position, curvatures, muscle tone and presence of subluxation. After completing your evaluation, the doctor will determine if X-rays are clinically necessary. There are clinical factors that are taken into consideration when determining the need for X-rays, which may include trauma or chronic symptoms. X-rays give us important information regarding your spinal health, including the position of your vertebrae, degree of spinal degeneration and spinal misalignment. Your x-rays will be reviewed by a LIFE Chiropractic Centers radiologist who will coordinate your findings with your chiropractic provider to help ensure the highest quality of care. Your findings will be reviewed with you in detail at your Report of Findings during your second visit in our office.

Report of Findings

Your second visit at our office is your Report of Findings. During this visit, your chiropractic provider will spend one-on-one time with you reviewing findings from your initial visit and will present you with a care plan. Your provider will explain in detail what you can expect at your visits, how often you will need to come in to gain the greatest benefit and what your health investment will be in order to continue care. At this time, with your approval, you will also receive your first chiropractic adjustment. Your doctor will walk you through your first chiropractic adjustment and through each step of care following your adjustment. We will inform you each visit how you are progressing, and we will also make suggestions on things you can do to support your care and accelerate your healing.

Three Phases of Chiropractic Care

The methods and procedures used at LIFE Chiropractic Centers operate on an innovative continuum of care. These three phases move patients from care for a specific condition or disease to improved neurological and spinal function to optimum performance in every area of your life.

Condition-based Care

is meant to stabilize the spine, provide relief or to reduce or eliminate the cause of the patient’s symptom or condition. In some cases, this may require co-managed care or referral.

Corrective Care

is meant to optimize spinal and neurological function, as well as re-establish optimum function and adaptation of the patient within the professional boundaries of the practitioner.

Wellness Care

is affordable, low-risk interventions and education applied consistently throughout life designed to enhance quality of life in physical, mental, social, relational, and intellectual endeavors.


I am very glad that I came to LIFE Chiropractic Centers. I am really happy with the progress I have made so far with my treatment. I feel better! 

LCC Patient

My experience has been great! My body and mind are at ease. I am able to do more within the day. I am not as tired as I used to be. Everyone in the office is nice and can answer any questions you have. I would recommend to everyone. 

LCC Patient

My overall experience has been great. Everyone in the office is very knowledgeable and eager to answer any questions. The willingness to be as helpful and informative as possible really helped to comfort me as well as get me excited for my journey to wellness.

LCC Patient

Our management of your care is geared towards reducing your pain, improving your function, and overall health.

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